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Internal communication and connection determine success. Especially now, when working with distance is the new standard, good communication and connection within your company is essential.

With Zebra’s WorkForce Connect (WFC), your employees stay connected anywhere, at any time, so they can work as one team with one main goal. The Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature allows employees – whether in the office, out of the office or around the world – to communicate with each other via Wi-Fi and cellular networks with the simple touch of a button. WFC PPT Pro operates on almost all Android and iOS devices. So you can enjoy the many benefits that WFC PTT Pro offers immediately, without purchasing new hardware.

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One team. One solution.

All in one with Workforce Connect

At the workplace you often see that employees have to use multiple devices during the day to get the information they need to do their job. Besides the fact that this is inconvenient, it is also a waste of time and money! By implementing WFC, everyone has just one device that covers it all. As a result, there are fewer devices to be purchased, maintained and managed.

WFC PTT Pro is an easy way to combine all communication – data, images and speech – in one multifunctional mobile device, which your employees use to do everything. From requesting information in business applications and reaching colleagues to leading a team that is spread across the country (or around the world). Your team is seamlessly connected for optimal flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

An optimized User Interface for clear communication

PTT Pro’s User Interface is designed to optimize the efficiency and communication of employees, regardless of their location. Thanks to Google’s intuitive design, WFC is very user-friendly, which causes training for smartphone users to be unnecessary. Users can switch seamlessly between applications, improving productivity.


Easy access to all your contacts

With the contact list you can reach every colleague – add contacts to your favorites and see who is online and where they are located.


Useful groups for every user

You can create a group per department, function or location so users can find each other quickly.


Call and message history

See who last called you or what your last message was.


Real-time location with Google Maps

Ideal for external and field staff! View the real-time location of your colleagues on your mobile device and use Google Maps to navigate you there.


PTT record and playback option

Forgotten what exact details were discussed during the conversation? Do not panic! With WFC PTT Pro, you can listen to your recorded phone conversations with colleagues.

Safe work zones with a distance of 1.5 meters

As the new normal continues to integrate, many organizations are looking for solutions and technologies that contribute to a safer environment to work in. With the MotionWorks Proximity functionality, employees that accidentally get too close to each other are warned and reminded to keep a meter and a half away. Also reports are generated to detect contact and identify patterns where social distance is not maintained to help employees reduce the risk of contamination.

Eenvoudig te gebruiken. Eenvoudig te beheren. Voor ieder bedrijf.

Easy to use.

Easy to manage.

With WFC you can easily configure and manage your devices via Profile Manager, an online admin tool. You set rules for individuals or functions and define the characteristics, the right groups and the desired behavior in specific circumstances. When users log in, Profile Manager ensures that the rules are loaded automatically.

Ideal for any organization

Big or small.

Workforce Connect is incredibly flexible and scalable. Start off with just a handful of employees and expand to hundreds or thousands of employees later. Support one location, or all locations around the world. Start today with one WFC functionality and add more as your desire increases. No matter how or when you want to scale up, WFC makes it easy for you.

How can we help you?

Using Workforce Connect is very simple, but we understand that taking the first step can be difficult. That is why we are happy to offer our expertise to help you identify the possibilities and implement WFC.

In addition, if necessary, we can supply new mobile devices that suits your processes and your organization best. The mobile devices are fully accommodated to your organization, so you can use them immediately. We also arrange all maintenance, support and management so your systems always work flawlessly – day in, day out.

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