What you need to know when switching from Windows to Android OS on Enterprise devices

You probably already know this: Microsoft is gradually phasing out the development and support of Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE operating systems. In June 2018 they took the first step, and in 2020 all support will stop. There’s no need to panic as Android is already widely adopted in the consumer market and now has also become the standard for the manufacturers of Enterprise Mobility hardware. But if your logistics department is still equipped with Windows devices, when will you switch? What’s the best time to switch and how do you avoid your company’s operations coming to a standstill? Here are some important aspects to consider.

Don’t postpone it

If you know that, eventually, the time to say goodbye to your Windows devices will come, why wait? The sooner your organization learns to work with Android, the better. And now, you still have plenty of time to make the switch while maintaining peace of mind. Although you’re probably not looking forward to migrating to a new platform, switching ahead of time will result in a smoother transition.

Prepare well

Being well prepared is half the battle. Don’t make the mistake to think that this transition only concerns the logistics and IT department. These operating systems, that are regularly used in warehouses, are often connected to a management system that controls all hardware. That’s something to keep in mind when transitioning.

Managing Android (Enterprise Mobility Management)

Android is a bit more difficult to manage than Windows. This is partly due to the fact that there are more OS updates. Safety patches are sent on a monthly basis. Both, the updates and the safety patches need to be compatible with the version of your software application and your Mobile Device Management solution. Therefore, managing Android requires more knowledge and more effort than managing Windows devices.

Check beforehand how the Enterprise Mobility Management is arranged right now. For example, are there also apps for the back-office and/or field operations? If so, you could use the transition as an opportunity to assign the management for all devices to one partner. Find a reliable and experienced partner to manage the Android devices for you.

Ensure proper security

Because so many organizations are switching to Android, it’s also very attractive for viruses and ransomware. Aside from a reliable administrator, you need a good security system that is regularly checked and updated.

The app must also be converted

If you make the transition, you’ll also need to convert the app from Windows to Android, of course. Luckily, there’re some good solutions to convert a web application without having to change the entire app.

What are the advantages of Android?

If you’re nervous about switching, just think about the benefits Android will provide you. There are many benefits! Android is modern, innovative, user-friendly and offers far more functionalities. There are more apps available and Android innovates rapidly, which gives you the possibility to apply the latest technologies and trends because you are at the forefront of it all. Every year there’s a new Android version.

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