TMS software

Being an expert of mobile solutions in the Transport & Logistics industry, Dalosy also delivers high-quality TMS software. This software allows you to optimize your logistic processes and distribution of goods. Due to less time-consuming paperwork, the efficiency of your operations will significantly improve. Dalosy develops a customized TMS software to perfectly fit your company’s wishes and needs. TMS software can be used for various purposes.

How to integrate TMS software


TMS software allows you to easily enter and manage orders. You get an overview of current orders in just a few clicks. Applications are linked which makes it easy to exchange data between the ERP system and the mobile devices in trucks.


Give drivers the opportunity to update the delivery status real-time. Thanks to the TMS software application on their mobile devices, they can easily enter information about a shipment.


TMS software allows you to gain more insight in the journeys and route planning. By entering the routes in the system, you gain a clear view of all the journeys that are scheduled.

Are you interested in TMS software and would you like to know how you can successfully implement TMS software in your business?

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