Time to get your cybersecurity in order

Cybersecurity: every company knows it is important. Yet organizations are far too little concerned with it. Software is not up-to-date and networks are insufficiently protected. Hackers are therefore experiencing golden times.

In this article, we take a closer look at cybersecurity. We explain what it is and provide some tips to really get your security in order.

What is cybersecurity?

In short, cybersecurity is the protection of systems, networks, computers and mobile devices against harmful digital attacks (hacks).

The purpose of these hacks? To shut down business processes or disclose or delete sensitive information. In many cases, extortion is also involved.

With cybersecurity you protect the weak spots, so hackers cannot enter easily.

When do you need cybersecurity?

Well, actually always. Companies often think it is not that big of a risk. But hackers don’t pick their target based on industry, revenue or reputation. They look at the state of the technology used. Vulnerabilities in your internet security are spotted quickly by criminals. They use automated “scanners” that detect those vulnerabilities. And this does not only happen in Timbuctoo, but also right here, in the Netherlands and Belgium.

So it is important to get your security in order. And this contains more than just using strong passwords. Cybercrime is a billion dollar business. It’s terrifyingly well organized. In fact, the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism warns that cyber attacks can completely disrupt the Netherlands digitally. Time for action!

Cybersecurity and Enterprise Mobility

Equipment and software that is not often used are not interesting to hackers. If they want to hack these, they have to put in a lot of effort for a small group. And they don’t like that.

Android is the most widely used consumer smartphone operating system. Moreover, since Microsoft has stopped their support, Android has become THE operating system for Enterprise Mobility solutions. Therefore, Enterprise Mobility systems are becoming more interesting to hackers. The more systems that run on Android, the more lucrative it is to hack them. Do you use a lot of mobile devices in your company such as handheld terminals, barcode scanners, RFID-scanners and printers? Then it is important to properly secure these devices. If hackers can access it, they can take down all your business processes.

Of course, Enterprise Mobility manufacturers design secure business devices, solutions and services. They also regularly send out updates to ensure security and continuity. Nevertheless, you, as a company, also have an important task when it comes to cybersecurity.

Tips for proper cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is crucial for any business. But how do you ensure that you are properly protected? Proper cyber security measures have two spearheads:

  • Updates of operating systems and software
  • Secured access to networks and equipment

Regular software updates

Updates have several advantages. By performing software updates, you benefit from improvements. Usually updates provide more functions and better usability.

However, the main advantage of software updates is invisible: security. Hackers regularly find new vulnerabilities in software. Software manufacturers “seal” these vulnerabilities and get the improved software to their customers through updates. Are you updating your systems? If not, you’re using a system that has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Companies that are hacked often work with outdated software. Regularly updating your operating systems and software will significantly reduce the chance of a hack.

Good security

Even if you keep all software up to date, you are exposed to great dangers. Systems are increasingly linked to each other via the internet. One weak link in your security could quickly lead to serious misery. Especially equipment that is in contact with the outside world must be secured as good as possible.

Security techniques include firewalls, encryption techniques, backups and even password managers. Make sure you secure your fixed network, but don’t forget your mobile devices!

Do you want to be sure that you are okay? Ask an expert!

A lot depends on cybersecurity. If you do it right, you don’t really notice anything. But if you click away the update notification once too often, you could easily get hacked. The consequences of this can be drastic. For example, the continuity of your business processes can be disrupted, personal data can end up on the street or you can even lose all your files. And let’s not forget the reputational damage.

Do you want to be sure of proper security? Then it is best to have your cybersecurity arranged by an expert. The prevention costs are disproportionate to the enormous damage that hacks can cause.

Our last golden tip? Evaluate with your supplier at least once a year. That way you create an overview. How is the safety of your company doing? What is your installed base and which software versions are you running? How do you arrange to run the versions that manufacturers recommend? This way you do everything you can to make your company digitally safe.

Dalosy arranges cybersecurity your way

You can contact Dalosy for advice on the security of hardware and software. We can also arrange cyber security for you completely. We have everything for the best cyber security. We can unburden you completely and arrange security for you: from software updates and firewalls to encryption methods and anti-malware.

Dalosy provides security for your fixed network and protects your mobile devices. This way you no longer have to worry about technical matters.

Are you not a customer yet? Then you can opt for our separate security service. Already a Dalosy customer? There is a good chance that we already manage your cybersecurity. If not, we can easily add it to your service package.

We work in a way that suits your company. Do you want continuous monitoring? Or do you prefer periodic security checks and updates?

In consultation with you, we provide the service that suits your organization best. With regular updates and strong security, Dalosy ensures that your company is ready for the future.

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