The 5 biggest benefits of Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management

Dalosy has improved his services and introduces to you: Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium. With this service you no longer have to worry about the maintenance and management of your Enterprise Mobility. Dalosy takes care of it all. By remotely detecting which devices are getting slower, for example. By repairing a defected handheld device within the time agreed. By installing safety patches and updates on a regular basis. By managing your Android version. And much more.

What’s in it for you? Why should you purchase Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) services from Dalosy? Here are five reasons why you should consider our EMM services.

1. Security

Face it, your business depends entirely on IT. External threats can paralyze your organization. For the continuity of your business, it’s essential that all systems, applications and devices are updated with security and quality patches to stay protected from the latest threats. These updates must connect seamlessly with each other. If something goes wrong between the collaboration of the ERP system and the handheld devices, for example, you have a serious problem.

With Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium you can focus on your core business. We take care of the safety of your applications, software and mobile devices. By coordinating the installation of the security and quality updates and software releases, we make sure all systems, applications and mobile devices are updated on time.

2. Costs

There are many things that can (unnoticeably) undermine workplace productivity. For example, a battery that drains quickly or a weak WIFI signal. We take care of these issues before they become a problem. It’s like having a plumber knock on your door before your faucet starts leaking!

Dalosy takes proactive care of your Enterprise Mobility, which means you can be operational 24/7 and avoid many unnecessary costs. And with the advices you receive from us based on the reports and measurements, you can save even more on operational costs. Not to mention, the costs you would have if you got a cyber-attack, a faltering system or an outdated software.

3. Efficiency

You can also improve the efficiency of your business with the extensive information of the monthly reports that you receive from Dalosy. We help you discover and close the weak spots of your wireless network. We advise you on how to use your mobile devices more efficiently. And we provide insight into the software versions that run on the different devices. This allows us to roll out the OS updates, safety patches and releases in a simple and controlled manner. This is how we ensure optimal efficiency with Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium.

Moreover, you increase efficiency because people can do their job without any disruptions. By choosing EMM from Dalosy, your employees have their hands free to do the work for which they were actually hired. They no longer need to monitor systems, install and update software or secure devices. That’s Dalosy’s job now.

4. Convenience

By paying a fixed amount per month per mobile device, you can outsource all the work to the specialists of Dalosy. From installing, updating and repairing to managing and maintaining devices, support and much more! If something is not functioning the way it should, you get support. If a device is broken, our repair services team make sure your device gets collected and returned within one working day. With the right settings and software, so you can use the device out of the box and pick up right where you left off. It doesn’t get easier than that.

5. Certainty

We could also call this advantage ‘never worry again’ or ‘worry-free’ or ‘sleep peacefully’. With Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium of Dalosy you are guaranteed that all your devices are functioning properly, have the latest software version, work seamlessly with the rest of your IT landscape and are well protected against external threats. Dalosy is proactive when tackling problems and monitors the performance of your hardware, software and wireless connection. And that certainty is gold.

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