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In industrial operations, every second counts, whether that be in completing complex production steps on the assembly line or small-part picking in the warehouse! When a lot of picking and sorting is involved in between scans, wearables are a great solution. The wearables of ProGlove replace the traditional barcode scanner and enables employees in the picking process to work faster, safer and more ergonomically.

Scanning with Smart Gloves

The wearables of ProGlove (MARK One S and MARK 2) are smart, ergonomic gloves with an integrated scanner on the back of the hand that is activated by squeezing the thumb and forefinger together. With the smart gloves of ProGlove you can scan 1D and 2D barcodes without having to pick up and lay down the scanner all the time. It simplifies logistics and production processes, eliminates process steps and reduces the picking error rate by 33 percent.

Save 4 seconds per scan

The largest high bay warehouse for spare parts of BMW has been using ProGlove wearables since 2015 and with success! Since the introduction of the ProGlove wearables, all of logistics team members are able to work far more efficiently, saving 4 seconds per scan which adds up to 4000 minutes per day!

Do you also want to work more efficiently and save 4 seconds per scan? Ask for a MARK One S or MARK 2 (plug-and-play) Starter kit at Dalosy and discover how this new technology can help you improve your business!

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