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Checklist for a reliable and safe wireless network

A well-functioning wireless network is the foundation of IoT or Enterprise Mobility. Just like water, gas and light, wireless has become a necessity for a successful business. Do you have plans to install a wireless infrastructure? Or do you want to expand your existing WIFI network to solve the weak spots? Read along and u...  read more

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Internet of Things: what can you do with it?

IoT, big data, business intelligence…not a day goes by hearing something about advanced technologies. It evolves at such a fast pace - you can hardly keep up. Is the world changing again? And what can you actually do with that Internet of Things? 

IoT is actually not that new. The idea of IoT has been around sinc...  read more

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The 5 biggest benefits of Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium

Dalosy has improved his services and introduces to you: Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium. With this service you no longer have to worry about the maintenance and management of your Enterprise Mobility. Dalosy takes care of it all. By remotely detecting which devices are getting slower, for example. By repairing a defected handheld device within the time agreed. ...  read more

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Voice in logistics: handsfree, less mistakes, more visibility

Every large warehouse is familiar with them: the handheld terminals that are used for orderpicking. Handheld terminals are used at 90% of all logistics operations worldwide. Employees receive instructions on their screen and walk to the specified locations to collect the items. They scan each item, enter the requested quanitity and place the items on the pick cart. One ...  read more

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Will 5G replace WIFI and 4G?

If you walk outside and want to send a Whatsapp message or look up the nearest supermarket, you automatically connect to the 4G network. That’s usually not a problem. The Netherlands has a great 4G coverage. Nevertheless, there are situations and locations where the signal is poor, for example, in parking garages, offices and buildings with thick walls. WIFI often perfo...  read more

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