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E-commerce is booming business and keeps on growing every year. Today’s consumer is more demanding and less patient than ever before. Also, Microsoft has officially stopped offering support and updates for their Windows OS for Enterprise. So, do your mobile devices still run on Windows and do you want to be able to meet the future’s demands? Then it might be useful to think about switching to a different, more modern operating system.

Practically everyone agrees that Android Enterprise is the best operating system to replace Windows. As market leader of the smartphone market, a lot of users are already used to Android. This makes the choice to switch a lot easier. Thanks to a few major hardware manufacturers, we also see more and more rugged devices and handhelds run on Android. On top of that, Android lends itself perfectly for developments and is very innovative, which makes it good choice for numerous other applications.

But a serious switch like this is not done easily. There depends a lot on it and we understand that. That is why we have pointed out the most important aspects, so you can start your migration well prepared!

The top 5 considerations

you need for a quick and seamless migration to Android.

Why is now the time to switch to Android?

Due to the fast growth of the e-commerce market, logistics processes are under pressure. Everything needs to be faster, more efficient and more accurate. As Microsoft no longer offers support or updates for the Windows devices, this is the moment to switch to Android. The faster you switch, the quicker you can profit from modern technologies for a more efficient logistical handling.


What are Google's plans for Android Enterprise?

Google is investing more and more into Android Enterprise. Google has even added a few features to Android to make sure it meets the higher security demands of Enterprise environments. Zebra was Google’s first Enterprise partner and has been working with Google for years already to innovate their Android Enterprise mobile devices.


How safe is Android Enterprise?

As a company you do not want your data to get in the wrong hands. By providing security patches Google makes sure this does not happen and that your system is safe and up to date. However, Android OS has a lifecycle of 36 months, while most companies use a mobile device 5 to 10 years. But no worries! With Zebra’s LifeGuard solution you can extend the lifecycle, so you will be ensured of a safe operating system for 5-10 years.


What migration options are there?

There are different ways to migrate to Android. For example, you can have your current application rewritten by your own developers. This way you can also take a closer look to your app and optimise certain workflows. Other options are using a cross platform tool or Android emulators. Dalosy also owns a team of very experienced developers that can help you with your migration.


Where can you find more information about migrating to Android?

There are several sources you can use to gather information and prepare yourself for Android Enterprise and the migration process. Dalosy has shared a blog last year about what you need to know when switching from Windows to Android Enterprise devices and how you can make sure the switch goes smoothly. There is also a lot of information to be found about Zebra Mobility DNA and their LifeGuard solution.


Migration is easier than you think.

Take our path of least resistance. Use the MOM-approach for a smooth switch to Android.

Transition to a native mode
Your telnet or web app presented on Android
Easy implementation
Industry standard protocols
Streamline workflow
Automated processes
Keyboards and scanning
Reduced training times
Go at your own speed
New HTML user interface
Emphasizes important data
Company branding and colors
A mix of modernised and native screens

Discover how easy it is to migrate to Android.

Download the whitepaper and discover how Dalosy and Zebra can help you have a smooth switch to Android.

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