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Next to scanning and mobile computing solutions, Dalosy also provides (purchase and rental) voice solutions – hardware and software – of Vocollect, the world leader in voice solutions for mobile workers. Voice solutions can be used for several purposes. The most common application for voice technology is Voice picking.

Voice picking is the same as speech-based order picking. It’s actually a communication between human and computer made possible by speech recognition. The system sends step-by-step picking instructions converted into speech prompts to the order picker. The picker receives these spoken instructions through a headset and replies by speaking into the microphone. The picker’s speech input gets converted into data and send back to the system.

Why did we (and should you!) go for the voice picking solutions of Vocollect?

Dalosy aims to always deliver solutions of the best quality. Vocollect (part of Honeywell) has proven themselves in this market and has become a global leader in creating and providing voice-centric solutions for mobile workers. Vocollect has collected years of experience in operational environments and different industries and has hereby gained a broad range of knowledge and understanding of logistical processes. Vocollect has used this knowledge to create a solution that provides you with maximum ROI.

Your benefits

  • Less mistakes
  • Higher reliability of delivery
  • Higher productivity
  • More efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Safer workplace
  • Short implementation period
  • Short training period

Voice picking allows the order picker to work with their hands and eyes free, which means he can perform his duties easily, safely and with full concentration. The biggest advantage of Vocollect’s voice picking solutions is the extremely high picking accuracy rate (up to 99.9%) which leads to less mistakes, lower costs and a higher reliability of delivery. The voice technology of Vocollect is also easy to implement, very user friendly and easy to learn. This results in a reduction of the training period (for new employees) by 75%.

Would you like to find out if the voice solutions from Vocollect could be integrated into your organization?

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