RFID scanner

RFID technology is not new. The first antitheft chip came to stores 50 years ago. However, RFID is just gaining traction in the logistics sector now. Dalosy is working together with Zebra Technologies for the supplying and support of RFID scanners.

What is a RFID scanner?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a method where data, through radio signals, is read and stored from a distance. An RFID-system consists of a minuscule tag (RFID-tag) and a reader (RFID scanner). The RFID-tags come in different forms and can be secured onto or into goods, vehicles, animals, or persons. This allows RFID to be used for a variety of applications.

The RFID scanner usually consists of an antenna and a reader. The antenna sends out a radio field and, in turn, receives radio signals from the RFID tag. The reader “reads” the radio signals that come from the antenna and transfers this into readable data. The RFID scanner, due to the radio signals, read the tags much quicker than a barcode scanner. Also, with an RFID scanner, entire pallets, racks, or even shopping carts can be scanned all at once. RFID allows you to work more efficiently, increase productivity, and save costs.

Buying the right RFID scanner

Would you like to make use of RFID and go ahead in buying an RFID scanner? Than Dalosy is the right firm for you! However, there are different sorts of RFID scanners for sale. To find the right scanner for your organisation, you should take into account the following points:

Will you be making use of a passive, semi-passive, or active RFID-tag?

From which distance should the scanner be able to read the tag? At 40 cm or 40 meters?

Where will the RFID-tag be placed? In metal, liquid, synthetic materials, textile, or something completely different?

Do you only need the RFID equipment temporarily? If so, it might be a better to rent it.

Would you like more information about RFID or need help with choosing the right RFID scanner?

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