Dalosy offers three sorts of printers, each with their own advantages.

Industrial Printer

The industrial printer is ideal for an industrial and critical environment where the printer is used 24/7. The Industrial printer is fast and reliable.

Mobile Printer

The mobile (portable) printer gives you the opportunity to print anywhere, anytime. With mobile printing solutions the printer gets connected with your (wireless) network or via Bluetooth.

Desktop Label Printer

The desktop label printer is a compact, low-cost and user-friendly all-round printer. Ideal if you print regularly (less than 5000 labels per month) but don’t have the space or budget for a large printer.

How to choose the right printer

When choosing the right printer, you should consider the following factors:

Where will you place the printer? In the office, in the store or in an industrial environment? How much space do you have?

How many labels do you normally print within a certain period of time?

What is the width of the labels?

How is the printer connected? With Wifi, USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet?


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