Barcode scanners

Dalosy sells and supports barcode scanners of all premium brands such as Zebra (Motorola/Psion/Symbol), Datalogic en Honeywell (Intermec). Quality is guaranteed!

The first barcode scanner in the Netherlands was introduced in 1976 by Dalosy. Skip ahead 40 years to where stores and warehouses would be lost without barcode scanners. Other industries have also realized the many advantages barcode scanning has to offer. Nowadays, barcode scanners have been integrated into hospitals, airports, production, event halls, transportation, and libraries. In logistics, barcodes have made themselves indispensable.

How to buy the perfect barcode scanner

You would like to work more efficiently and decide to go ahead in buying a barcode scanner. Barcode scanners come in all shapes and sizes. Due to the many different types and possibilities, it can be quite a challenge to find the right barcode scanner. We have listed the most important factors for you that must be taken into account when choosing a barcode scanner.

Where will the barcode scanner be used? At the office, in your store, or at an industrial site? Will the scanner be used solely inside or must it also be durable enough to work outside? Must the scanner be tough enough to endure extremely low temperatures, such as in a freezer? Or are you looking for a wearable scanner so the orderpicker can have his hands free? Then maybe a ringscanner or the ProGlove gloves are more suitable for you.

From which distance must the scanner be able to read the barcode? At a distance of 30 cm or 3 meters?

Will you be scanning 1D or 2D barcodes?

What type of connection will be best suited? USB, Bluetooth, RS323 or Keyboard Wedge?

Must the barcode scanner be wireless or attached to a cord?

Do you only need the scanners temporarily? If so, it might be a better to rent scanners

Dalosy offers multiple barcode scanners from a range of top brands. Further educate yourself on barcode scanners by visiting the website of our partners. Or contact us and allow us to search for a barcode scanner that will prove to be the perfect option for your specific needs and wishes!

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