Using a mobile printer can cause a great improvement in efficiency due to the possibility to print at any given moment at any given location. Dalosy supplies and supports mobile printers from all the leading manufactures in the industry, such as Zebra (Motorola/Psion/Symbol), Honeywell (Intermec), and Toshiba.

Why a Mobile printer?

A mobile printer is perfect for users that are constantly on the go and en route have the need to print barcode labels, receipts, proof of repair, or tickets. Through a (wireless) network, Bluetooth, or a cable, connection is easily made with your handheld terminal, smartphone, tablet, or computer. A mobile printer is compact, lightweight and thereby easy is take along. Some mobile printers are so small, they can fit in your pants pocket!

Buying the right mobile printer

A mobile printer can noticeably increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. But to do so, you need to buy a mobile printer that satisfies your needs. We have listen a few factors which you should take into account.

    Where will the mobile printer be used? Will there only be printed indoors or also outside? Should the printer be immune to water or disinfectant products?
    How wide are the labels you want to print?
    What amount of labels need to be printed within a certain period?
    How should the printer be connected? Though WiFi, Bluetooth, or a cable
    How will the printer be actuated
    How sharp and detailed will there need to printed? How high must the resolution (DPI) be?

Dalosy works together with the partners found below to offer you the best mobile printers. By clicking their links below you can start searching yourself for the ideal mobile printer for your organization. Or contact us and we will search for you. We´d love to help!

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