Mobile Device Management

Dalosy is also your reliable partner for Mobile Device Management

Are you looking for a competent and knowledgeable party to manage your mobile devices? Then you choose a partner that understands your branch and has the right experience and knowledge. No wonder you were led to Dalosy.

Since the introduction of Enterprise Mobility, Dalosy has built a large amount of experience and expertise in Mobile Device Management (MDM). We have always been leaders in putting handheld terminals into the market. We are specialized in offering complete solutions for hardware, software and managing mobile devices. We believe good communication is key in order to adjust quickly to changes and the needs of our customers so we can keep improving our services.

We have experience in many branches. Due to our long existence we understand the challenges that companies face on a daily basis and we speak the same language, which is why we are the ideal partner for companies using Enterprise Mobility.

24/7 Mobile Device Management

Managing your mobile devices is a 24/7 process. Deviated settings on a device will be signaled and proactively redressed. This reduces costs and reduces enterprise risks. As an experienced MDM-partner we streamline the settings of all your mobile devices and keep them up to date in order to create efficiency.

Monthly reports

Of course, you want to know the results and outcomes of our Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Device Management. This is why you will receive periodic reports from us. To show you how effective our services are, but also to guide you and inform you about your operating systems by giving suggestions for improvement.

Are you interested in our MDM-service and are you curious about the change we can make? Contact us for more information or make an appointment!

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