Track & Trace your products. Gain insight in all the steps of the production process.

How you organize your production process has a large impact on the success of your organization. Dalosy provides innovative mobile solutions which help you gain more insight into the production process and get the most out of your business.


In Manufacturing it is wise to choose rugged mobile devices that are special made for industrial use. There are several kinds of industrial handheld terminals, scanners and printers. Maybe consider a truck terminal which gives you the possibility to look up and enter data while driving a fork-lift truck.

Barcode scanners

Handheld terminals


RFID scanner

Voice Solutions


Wireless is a must in order to use real-time data. You can keep track of your production process by checking the status of the materials and machines anytime, anywhere. Wireless makes it possible for you to access real-time data and always be up-to-date. It gives you the freedom and transparency you need in a manufacturing company.


It’s time to go paperless! Connect your current ERP or WMS system with your mobile devices and optimize the daily processes such as hour registrations, quality control, asset management and route account. Choose a standard application or go for a tailor-made app that meets your specific needs and wishes perfectly.


In Manufacturing a breakdown could lead to serious problems. Guarantee of continuity is therefore crucial. The Enterprise Mobility Management services of Dalosy ensures your continuity. Your mobile devices and wireless networks are non-stop monitored so errors are directly detected and solved. Repairs, fixing bugs and errors or updating your software? Dalosy takes care of it!

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