High quality medical care. Real-time access to information of patients, medications and materials. Anytime, anywhere.

Patient safety and quality is paramount in Healthcare. Nevertheless, mistakes can happen due to pressure or under-staffing at care institutions. Dalosy provides mobile solutions specially designed for the Healthcare sector that reduce this risk as much as possible.


Mobile devices such as barcode scanners, wristband printers and label printers are a essential for the quality and safety of Healthcare. A flawless registration of patients, medications and blood transfusion ensures that the right medication gets to the right patient at the right time.

The mobile devices are specially designed for use in Healthcare – an environment that require high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The devices withstand every kind of chemicals and can easily be cleaned to reduce the risk of bacteria spread.

Barcode scanners

Handheld terminals


RFID scanner


Attention to safety and quality must be anchored in the Healthcare sector. This means that Healthcare professionals need to have access to real-time (patient)information anytime and anywhere. A safe and secure wireless infrastructure is hereby definitely a must.

Patients and visitors expect to have free access to internet in hospitals. Instead of a book, more and more patients take their laptop or tablet with them for leisure. By creating a WiFi hotspot you can offer your patients and visitors some extra service.


Next to mobile devices, Dalosy also provides mobile applications to make certain processes in Healthcare faster, easier and safer, such as asset management, inventory management or patient registration.

Whether you would like a standard application or a tailor-made application to exactly meet your needs, Dalosy is the right partner for you!


Healthcare never stops; it goes on in the weekends, on holidays, every day, 24/7. Healthcare professionals need to be available 24/7, which means that the mobile devices they work with and the wireless networks also have to function 24/7. The Enterprise Mobility Management services of Dalosy ensures this continuity by:

  • Non-stop monitoring of your mobile devices and preventing (or directly solving) errors on the devices.
  • Maintaining your wristband and label printers
  • Non-stop monitoring of your wireless networks

Due to the use of new technology in the Healthcare sector, it becomes more important to have internet connection anywhere and anytime. Medications are kept at the right temperature by use of Wireless Temperature Monitoring, confused or dementia patients are being tagged to prevent them from wandering and patient information can be accessed and updated right at the spot. These are some wonderful technologies, however they are useless if the wireless connection breaks down. Dalosy ensures continuity of your organization.

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