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Dalosy has had a stand at ICT & Logistiek for many years. Obviously the trade show was cancelled this year. Worse still, there may not be a trade show in 2021 either. That is why we are sharing the latest developments at Dalosy with you here. What’s new and what are Dalosy’s thoughts on the coming year?

One thing we would have demonstrated at ICT & Logistiek are the voice developments of our partner Vocollect. They have replaced their entire portfolio with the X Series, which runs on a Linux OS instead of the old Windows OS. This applies to all mobile devices as well. This development has led to performance improvements, helping Vocollect to secure its future. Do you still use Windows equipment? No worries, support is still provided for the old equipment. But the migration has already started. So bear in mind that you, too, will be required to migrate sooner or later.

Intelligent Cabinets of Zebra

We would definitely have taken Zebra, our largest partner with us to ICT & Logistiek. Their latest novelty is the Intelligent Cabinets, for storing mobile assets. Companies that work with a lot of mobile devices need to charge these at the end of the working day or during shift changes. Currently this is done in various places (on desks, in the kitchen, on the printer…). In addition to being inconvenient, this is unsafe and inefficient. Zebra has developed Intelligent Cabinets, racks, cradle locks and mobile racks for the safe storage, charging, monitoring and management of enterprise devices. Ensuring your devices and your employees can work as efficiently as possible.

A display shows which hand-held terminals are in the cabinet and which ones are fully charged. From early 2021 onwards, the display will also register UV-treatments. That way, every new user can be sure that the device they are about to use has a charged battery and is safe and clean.

In the Cloud

Extreme, the preferred brand for wireless infrastructure, has switched to the cloud entirely. This means that every new IT environment will be rolled out via the cloud. There are plenty of advantages to this, such as easier management, reduced costs and more efficiency. Read more about Extreme in the cloud here.

Enterprise Mobility Management Services

Dalosy also has plenty of its own developments to report. Our new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services have seen some strong growth. The demand for EMM is high! There is a lot of interest in security patches, in particular. It is easy to see why, because we are all confronted with stories about hackers, security breaches or phishing e-mails on an almost weekly basis. But we are also getting a lot of requests for periodic management. Our customers prefer to focus on operational matters rather than on enterprise mobility management. We take this job off their hands with our EMM Services.

Do you have any questions or do you need honest advice? Call us at +31 78 68 11 200.

Rent your mobile equipment from Dalosy

Earlier this year, we talked about renting mobile equipment. Demand has risen exponentially in recent months. To avoid disappointment, we have significantly expanded our rental equipment range. We rent out mobile equipment from solid manufacturers, such as Zebra Technologies, Datalogic, Honeywell and Toshiba. We can supply barcode scanners as well as hand-held terminals and voice picking devices. Because we also offer Enterprise Mobility Management Services, we make sure that the required additional equipment is fully tailored to your organisation. You can get started right away. Dalosy takes care of all maintenance, support and management. We monitor your systems, including the rented equipment, and resolve many problems before you even realise that they are there.

Plans for 2021

In early 2021, we will be launching various new robotisation products. Online shopping has become so popular that online stores and parcel couriers can barely keep up. Obviously consumers will be happy once they can visit mortar and bricks shops again. At the same time, we can’t imagine a world without online shopping any more. We believe that both forms of shopping will continue to exist side by side. It is clear, however, that the processes at online stores must be organised efficiently to reduce the pressure somewhat, especially on the work floor at the order picking level. Automation and robotisation offer several possibilities. Moreover, equipment is being developed that is more efficient, with better specifications and various scanning options.

Small-scale events

When the world becomes a bit safer and healthier, we would like to organise an event of our own. A small-scale event, with small groups, in collaboration with the large manufacturers that we represent. And at a special location, of course. So that you can find out more about the new technologies and equipment live, in a safe setting. We will schedule this event as soon as this is possible from a health and safety point of view.

Now is a good time to wish you happy holidays. Stay healthy, also in 2021!

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