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We live in a digital age where access to the internet is a primary necessity and Wi-Fi is indispensable. Due to the increase of the use of mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT), where more and more (smart) things connect with the internet, the demand for a high-capacity Wi-Fi network is increasing too. However, if you expand the wireless network, the complexity of controlling the network and the pressure on the IT department will also increase.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers you the possibility to control an entire network from one central location. Also, this tool offers many possibilities to gain insight into your network’s performance and to easily expand your wireless network in the future.

What is ExtremeCloud IQ?

ExtremeCloud IQ is the newest intelligent network platform from Extreme Networks that allows you to easily configure, monitor and control your network with just one tool in the Cloud. Large enterprises in multiple industries are able to connect different Wi-Fi environments to one central management console. This gives IT managers insight into the entire wireless infrastructure and offers a secure and reliable access to the network, which is more relevant today than ever. ExtremeCloud IQ can be implemented in the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise.

Automatically the right configuration and application

Configuring your network with ExtremeCloud IQ is as easy as ABC. Once an access point is connected to the network, it automatically gets registered in ExtremeCloud IQ and provided with the right application and configuration. It does not matter whether 1, 10, 100 or 1000 access points are registered. Because the platform is not hosted somewhere local, but in the Cloud, expanding is no problem. As soon as the access points are visible in ExtremeCloud IQ, they can be placed on a ground plan, activating a live heatmap which visualizes the Wi-Fi coverage. The location of the access points is also shown in the map. The channels and power levels of the access points are automatically set in ExtremeCloud IQ.

Smart Wi-Fi technology

One of the things that makes this cloud management platform so special, is the use of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize the network and proactively solve problems. Today, ExtremeCloud IQ manages over 1 million, ingesting over 4 billion management messages daily that feed its ML and AI engine, making ExtremeCloud IQ even smarter. Based on the gathered data, it will advise you to make an adjustment, or not. If you want, ExtremeCloud IQ can even apply the adjustments automatically.

Proactive problem solving

If ExtremeCloud IQ notices that certain processes or locations cause a higher load, it will advise you in advance to replace a network switch or access point, for example. In case of a failing network part, ExtremeCloud IQ automatically starts a repair procedure so that part gets repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

ML and AI is also used to solve malfunctions. If the internet connection is slow or not working, many people tend to think that the Wi-Fi is not working. However, in practice, malfunctions often have another cause. ExtremeCloud IQ correlates all the gathered data and uses ML and AI to investigate the malfunction. This way the administrator already knows what the real problem is, before someone makes a call to the helpdesk. This saves the IT department a lot of time and research. Above all, the problem is solved quickly.

360-degree insight

In addition, ExtremeCloud IQ offers a 360-degree insight into the status and performance of the devices, clients and applications of the network. With these dashboards you can see the total overview of the status of the network at a glance. You can also view the real-time and historical Wi-Fi usage and generate reports (automatically). You can view the network traffic up to 30 days back, at a very detailed level, to determine if the cause of a malfunction was in the application, network or the client. Because of this central troubleshooting on-site visits are often not necessary. With ExtremeCloud IQ you know exactly what is going on, which takes a lot of pressure off the IT department. In large organizations, this is indispensable.

ExtremeCloud IQ screenshot

Wi-Fi without worries

ExtremeCloud IQ gives you the insight, control and intelligence you need to make your entire network infrastructure perform at its best and optimally support your processes. Today, and in the future. If you don’t want to worry about your Wi-Fi network at all, just leave the management, monitoring and maintenance to Dalosy. From repairs and security to updates. With our Enterprise Mobility Management services, everything is well taken care of.

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