Enterprise Mobility Management

Efficient and worry-free maintenance for all your mobile devices

Your efficiency and productivity have increased because you have automized your business processes and started working with mobile devices. With the right hardware and software that makes real-time data available, it’s easier for everyone to get work done. Your mobile devices operate without any problems via a secured wireless WLAN network and that’s why your logistics processes run so smoothly.

Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management for guaranteed continuity

The continuity of your business is essential. If the customer is not immediately provided with the required information, he will leave. No matter if your employees are orderpicking, checking prices or replenishing the stock, the devices should work perfectly. Your employees need to be paid and you cannot afford any malfunctioning devices. In order for the devices to help you optimize your business processes, these devices need maintenance.

A software update in an Enterprise environment involves more than just one click on the OK-button. It takes a lot of time, energy and perhaps some frustration to maintain it all. We know that at Dalosy, and that’s why we offer Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management. With our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) you can trust that your Enterprise Mobility Environment is kept in good condition and that your mobile devices are always perfectly in sync with all your systems.

Enterprise solutions in industrial environments

In industrial environments, the use of Enterprise solutions is common. A large part of the employees is depending on mobile devices. So if a mobile device breaks, it immediately needs to be repaired or replaced. Thereby, It is important that the latest software and safety patches are installed and maintained, so viruses and threats are voided.

Dalosy takes care of it all with Enterprise Mobility Management

To automate an average company requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Dalosy is specialized in automation and our mission is relieve our customers by taking complete care of their mobile devices. Is one of your mobile devices defected? We make sure it gets replaced. No need for you to worry about which software version, safety patches or applications to install on the device. We got this covered.

We manage and monitor the devices in your warehouse, store or workplace. We check on remote if the WiFi connection is still strong, how much hours the device is runs on average and what the battery status is. We try to avoid malfunctions. When a device constantly gives a notification about an empty battery, we can replace the battery as a precaution.

In case the WiFi-connection is not strong enough in certain space or location, we will solve this. We also monitor the behaviour of the terminal. Based on these results, we give you advice on how to further improve your efficiency.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

With Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) we control your Enterprise Mobility environment. Our EMM includes various services at different levels. You decide how much stress you want to have. Do you just want one less thing to worry about or do you want to become completely stress free?

You might have heard from our Mobile Device Management (MDM) already. With MDM we mainly pay attention to the performance of the devices. We monitor and manage the devices proactively to improve the continuity by providing you reports about the status of the devices and batteries.

Enterprise Mobility Management is more than that

With our Enterprise Mobility Management, you can choose for Mobile Device Management and many more.

  • Repairs with pick-up service
  • Support
  • Management of (Android) devices
  • Updates
  • Safety Patches

Reports and information

In addition, you receive a lot of extra information, such as:

  • WiFi-coverage (which devices have a strong/weak connection and where)
  • How many devices used per location
  • Which devices are never used
  • Status of repair
  • Which software version runs on which device, so we are able to install OS updates, safety patches and releases in a controlled manner

Efficient and cost reducing

Dalosy offers Enterprise Mobility Management for a fixed amount per month per mobile device. There is no need to check upon your devices, supplies, signals of batteries or your WiFi. We make sure you are protected from viruses and always up-to-date. With our Enterprise Mobility Management your company can enjoy the benefits of an efficiently automated business.

More information?

Would you like to know more about Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management? Are you interested in our EMM services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d happy to discuss the possibilities with you and help you to get the best solution for your business.

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