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Prénatal Moeder & Kind B.V. came to us with the question if we could help them improve their inventory management. Together with Zebra Technologies and SOTI we have provided a total package of mobile solutions for more efficiency, greater visibility and cost reduction.


Because Prénatal was employing an external company to come into its stores and run inventory counts once a year, Prénatal rarely had an accurate, real-time overview of its stocks in-store. This made it very for stores to purchase and stock the right quantity of products which often led to out-of-stocks (and subsequent missed sales) or over-ordering.

Winkel - Prenatal


In cooperation with Zebra Technologies and SOTI, Dalosy has provided a total package of mobile solutions comprising the Zebra MC40 mobile devices running a custom-made inventory app, a Zebra OneCare service contract and SOTI MobiControl for remote management and security.

Dalosy designed the Android app in close conjunction with the inventory management and IT departments of Prénatal. Dalosy started with a simple app, which only contained the function to do inventory counts in order for the staff to get used to using the technology.

Today, more functions are added and the app is not only been used for inventory counts, but also for control count, printing shelf labels and for checking prices (and additional information) of certain products when staff are with customers.

Shop assistants now use the MC40 to run a partial inventory once a week. The IT department of Prénatal uses SOTI MobiControl to remotely manage, update and control the MC40’s of all the stores in the Netherlands (and the Apple iPads that are used within the business), saving time and costs.


Prénatal now has much better insight into in-store stocks of every store and can manage its inventory much more effectively. Thanks to look and feel of the app and the MC40, the staff had no problem embracing the new system.

heeft nu veel meer inzicht in de inventaris van elke winkel en kan op basis hiervan de voorraden effectiever beheren. Dankzij de gebruiksvriendelijkheid van de app en de MC40 had het personeel totaal geen probleem met het nieuwe systeem.

Dalosy was a new supplier for us and that’s always a risk. However, we can now safely say that the cooperation is more than successful. The knowledge and flexibility of Dalosy has really helped us in the selection of the hardware and the final development of the application.

Cor van Gils, ICT-manager of Prénatal

Staff are now able to take inventories easily, quickly and regularly, which saves the company a lot of costs. The Zebra OneCare service contract and SOTI MobiControl ensures the solution is always available and the MC40’s keep working optimally.

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About Prénatal Moeder & Kind B.V.

Prénatal was founded in 1959 ans has been part of the Artsana Group since 2006. This leading European chain store is specialized in the distribution of products for mothers-to-be and children up to 4 years old. Prénatal offers a range of well-conceived, affordable products, services and advice, to meet the needs and desires of mothers (to be) and their babies. Prénatal Moeder & Kind B.V. is the Dutch branch of the chain and has 800 employees, 19 megastores and 40 city stores throughout the Netherlands.

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