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In 2006, Intergamma was one of the first retailers to deploy wireless networks at all their DIY stores. After ten years, Intergamma thought it was time for renewal. As their partner in Enterprise Mobility, Dalosy helped Intergamma become up-to-date and future-proof.

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Intergamma’s plans were bigger than ‘just making sure everything would work again’. Therefore, we first had to discuss what Intergamma wanted to see different in their stores now – and what their plans were for the future. According to these plans, Dalosy developed a project plan to provide a new wireless infrastructure and mobiles devices that would meet the exact wishes and requirements of Intergamma.


After thorough preparations and a successful pilot in different stores, Dalosy renewed and expanded the wireless infrastructure in nearly 400 stores of Intergamma in just a few months.

The conventional Windows CE handheld terminals that were used in the stores have been replaced by more than 1200 modern, future-proof Enterprise devices of Zebra. These Android-driven devices are connected to the network and offer far more possibilities for apps.

The renewed wireless network also offers the possibility to work with mobile self-service stations in the stores. This allows Intergamma to bring the offline and online sales channel together in its stores.

Since Dalosy does our wireless and mobile device management, the service of Intergamma to its stores has significantly improved. We are very happy with Dalosy. We have been working together for years already. Because of Dalosy has a lot of technical knowhow, we don’t have to have that technical knowledge in-house anymore.

Maikel van der Born, Manager Store Automation at Intergamma


After completing this huge project, Dalosy also took over the management and monitoring of the access points and mobile devices. This means that when an access point or device malfunctions, Dalosy can directly take action and solve the problem so the store doesn’t suffer from it. This way a problem can be solved without a store even noticing a problem had occurred.

Intergamma and Dalosy are already discussing new projects to further improve the customer experience and service in the DIY stores.

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Bouwmarkt GAMMA

About Intergamma

GAMMA and KARWEI: both very known DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. But what most of you don’t know is that the GAMMA- and KARWEI-stores are both owned by one organization. And that organization is Intergamma. With nearly 400 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, 10.000 staff members and a total shopping floor of 1.129.000 m2 Intergamma has been Benelux market leader for years now. They also have one of the largest online DIY webshops in the Benelux. It’s the combination of their online and offline stores that make them strong. Research Online, Purchase Offline.

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