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Hubo wanted to add service to its business and decided to introduce Click & Collect in 2016 to offer the ease of ordering to its customer base. With Click & Collect customers can order via Hubo’s website and collect their goods two hours later in a store of their choice. It saves the customer time and eliminates any wasted trips due to low or out of stocks, as the product is already picked and ready – the customer just needs to pay for it. Hubo needed an efficient system for Click & Collect and approached its long-term partner Dalosy for advice.


As Hubo does not carry any surplus stock in-store, usually placing daily orders to suppliers, inventory accuracy is absolutely essential to store profitability. Click & Collect orders picked from that store need to be accounted for in real time, so replacement stock can be ordered immediately.

Hubo was already using Zebra MC2180 Mobile Computers in-store for inventory and picking. However, it wanted to migrate to an Android platform, to build its own Click & Collect Android application to run on an Android device with a bigger screen, so more processes could be performed from the shop floor.

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Based on a four store pilot, Dalosy recommended Hubo the Zebra’s TC70 Touch Computer. Dalosy delivered completely pre-staged TC70s that were ready to use out of the box. The software team of Dalosy also developed a bespoke Click & Collect app for Hubo. Hubo has since further developed and built its own Click & Collect application, as its own in-house Android knowledge has increased.

We want our employees on the shop floor ready to serve customers. However, we also want them to be operationally efficient, so the answer was to equip staff with a mobile device.

Bart Vos, Head of IT-helpdesk at Hubo

Click & Collect orders processed on Hubo’s website are processed by Hubo’s ERP system. A notification is then sent directly onto the TC70s in the store where the order is to be collected. Staff click on the notification to access all open orders awaiting picking and the order details, for example the number of lines and type of items. They use the scanning function on the TC70 to pick the items directly from the store shelves, as Hubo carries no excess stock in-store. This information is transferred to the ERP, with a notification being sent to the back office that this stock has now been used, to update stock inventory and action stock replenishment.


Thanks to Hubo’s effective, efficient and profitable Click & Collect system, Click & Collect orders can be accurately fulfilled in the set timeframes, with stock being replenished in real time.Using the TC70s for other processes, such as the inventory cycles, is also ensuring a good ROI. Moreover, running regular inventory cycles, as opposed to an annual inventory, is saving time and costs and ensuring improved stock accuracy.

Moving forward, Hubo will deploy more and more applications on the TC70s, to further empower its shop floor staff; this will also reduce back office administration and any duplication of work.

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About Hubo

Hubo is a Belgian hardware-store chain. Headquartered in Wommelgem, it is part of the Bricoalliance Group and was founded in 1992. Hubo retails a range of up to 25,000 high quality DIY products from its 140 stores across Belgium. These stores are usually located outside of city centres, near main roads with ample parking; the stores themselves tend to be between 2000m2 and 3000m2 and are cleverly laid out to ensure customers can find what they are looking for. Hubo also has an increasingly popular e-shop; this online presence is becoming ever more important for Hubo.

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