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For logistics service provider H.Essers, it is essential to be able to meet specific customer requirements. This certainly applies to scanning and printing. Our in-house supplier Dalosy always has to be able to come up with the most suitable equipment quickly. Over the years, the auto-ID expert has grown into a reliable partner that enables H.Essers to quickly respond to a variety of wishes.


It was Henri Essers who founded the company in 1928. In the meantime, H.Essers has grown into a leading logistics service provider in Europe. The company is specialised in the handling of goods in sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure and parts. Today, H.Essers employs nearly 7,000 people in 85 locations in nineteen countries.

Autonomous growth and a number of strategic acquisitions have caused H.Essers to grow significantly in recent years. In 2020, a turnover of no less than 797 million euro was booked. Today, the company has 1.3 million square metres of warehouse space, 1,440 tractors, 3,816 trailers, 480 safeboxes and 1,800 ISO Tanks. Of that fleet, 41 percent is multimodal. In the coming years, H.Essers wants to further expand its market share in Europe. In addition, it will continue to expand the intermodal transport modes and the multimodal network.


H.Essers has worked with Dalosy to its full satisfaction for many years. Dalosy supplied equipment can be found in the vast majority of the logistics service provider’s warehouses. Around a thousand barcode scanners – including a hundred terminals on forklift trucks – and some 650 label printers are operational at all sites. Fixed assets in the warehouses are the robust MC3300 hand scanner from Zebra Technologies and the label printers from Toshiba.

Dalosy knows H.Essers through and through thanks to years of collaboration. We can safely say that Dalosy is the company’s one-stop shop in the field of Enterprise Mobility. The logistics service provider turns to Dalosy when it needs new scanners or label printers or when a client wants H.Essers to use specific equipment it does not have sufficient knowledge of in-house.

In fact, companies are increasingly asking to follow their standards. For example, more and more printing is done directly from the client’s system via VPN. “At Dalosy, we know that we have come to the right place for reliable information. We are also always told how best to implement the equipment in our environment,” says Patrick Tielens, Team Leader Service Desk. “Or we are invited to visit other companies to see exactly how the equipment works. We now know that we always get a direct response from Dalosy, so that we can quickly provide feedback to the client. When we have a new customer, the necessary equipment has to follow as quickly as possible. In our business, you cannot wait two weeks for a quotation. If our business analysts have seen interesting devices at a trade fair, for example, then we also ask Dalosy if they can do anything for us. That way we know for sure that we are never buying a pig in a poke.”



If H.Essers has specific questions, Dalosy comes along to carry out the necessary analyses. The most suitable solution is then put forward. Patrick Tielens illustrates this with a number of examples. A few years ago, for example, the company wanted to switch its scanners from Windows to Android.

“A number of warehouses wanted to start using an Android app. Since we strive for as much standardisation as possible in our warehouses, we decided to switch over completely. Of course, our AS/400 application also had to continue to run on the scanners. The transition did not appear to be straightforward. Together with a number of internal people, Dalosy ensured a successful switch. Seventy per cent of the equipment now works on Android.


Patrick Tielens, Team Leader Service Desk H.Essers

Another challenge was when H.Essers had to scan special dot codes for a well-known cigarette manufacturer. Within the framework of European legislation (TPD), these registered codes also had to be connected to the government’s system. Dalosy also provided a number of scanners with 4G and therefore a SIM card. These devices are mainly used for outdoor storage.

When H.Essers wanted to manage the scanners centrally across the various warehouses, Dalosy put forward SOTI MobiControl. Since Dalosy set up that solution to manage scanners online, H.Essers can, for example, make changes easily from a distance. That is an enormous advantage compared to the past, when scanners had to be brought to the technical service for the slightest adjustment.

Dalosy also provides the necessary advice in the field of printing. For example, one client wanted special labels for hazardous goods. H.Essers normally uses label printers that print in black and white, but these specific labels needed to be printed in colour. To find out which label printers were most suitable for the application, H.Essers asked Dalosy for advice. And when H.Essers wanted to attach mobile printers to a shoulder strap at a certain point, Dalosy also explained the pros and cons of the various options.

“When we have a new customer, the necessary devices must follow as quickly as possible. We now know that we always receive a direct response from Dalosy, so that we can quickly provide feedback to the customer.”


Patrick Tielens, Team Leader Service Desk H.Essers


H.Essers also swears by Dalosy when it comes to support for further growth: “We want to offer even more one-stop-shop logistics solutions ourselves to help customers support their entire supply chain. That is why we also want to invest strongly in system and process integration and engineered custom solutions. In that context, it is reassuring that we can count on Dalosy’s expertise for the auto-ID component, no matter what specific customer requirements are added”, concludes Patrick Tielens. “What’s more, Dalosy also supplies many different brands, which means there is always a solution that meets the client’s needs.”

Over H. Essers

Essers is a Belgian Transport & Logistics company with 1,108,000 m² of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,475 tractors and 3,340 trailers and has more than 6,600 employees spread over 77 branches in 19 countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

The company was founded in 1928 by Henri Essers and has since grown into one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of transport and logistics for sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals/healthcare and high-quality goods.

The company’s strength lies in its asset-based strategy: it owns the fleet, warehouses and IT systems. This makes it possible to maintain optimum control over all strategic processes.

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