A mobile and wireless work environment at de Bijenkorf


Being able to work mobile and wireless. For years, this is the aim for many stores and warehouses. With the trend of BYOD and the New way of Working, where employees do not have fixed workplaces, more and more office environments are choosing for a complete wireless network. Just like the new Service Center of de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.

At the end of 2019 the Service Center of de Bijenkorf moved to the Oliphant-building in South-East Amsterdam. In this building, that has completely been rebuilt to create the perfect work environment, more than four hundred colleagues with different specialisations work together to offer service for the (online) stores of de Bijenkorf. This large number of employees, all connected with multiple devices and using apps that require real-time data like video conference tools, sets a huge pressure on the WiFi-network. On top of that, the demand for more data throughput and performance keeps growing.

Wireless - Receptie de Bijenkorf

To meet these demands, de Bijenkorf has asked her Enterprise Mobility partner, Dalosy, for help. A reliable choice, as Dalosy is specialised in the implementation of wireless networks for mobile work environments and had already installed the WiFi in all the stores of de Bijenkorf. Once it was known that the Service Center was going to move, a plan had to be made for the design of the entire IT at the new office.

Wireless - Servicekantoor de Bijenkorf

“For some elements we had a process of selection and shortlisting of the right suppliers, but for the WiFi-network the choice to go for Dalosy was a no-brainer. Given our long co-operation and our satisfaction with their services, there was no reason to deviate from this now” said Patrick du Buf, IT Service Manager at de Bijenkorf.

“In this project, Dalosy carefully considered which solution would work optimally for de Bijenkorf, both in the preparation phase and in the actual implementation phase. I like working with Dalosy because of their broad experience in retail, their proven knowledge and expertise in this matter and their aim to apply the latest proven techniques. The end result is exactly what we expected: a stable and safe WiFi-network, that has no problem handling all the wireless connections now and in the future.”

– Patrick du Buf, IT Service Manager, de Bijenkorf-

For the Service Center of de Bijenkorf we have chosen to implement the AP500-series Access Points of Extreme Networks, that contains the latest WiFi technology (802.11ax/WiFi 6). Thanks to these new Access Points, the available bandwidths will be used more effectively so more devices (like laptops, tablets and mobile phones) can be connected at the same time, without losing quality.

Thanks to the latest WiFi security standard WPA3, the network is secured properly. In addition, the Access Points have a built-in IoT (Internet of Things) radio that makes it possible for future applications (like smart building technology) to connect and be supported by the same network. At this moment, more than 90% of all the employees at the Service Center of de Bijenkorf are already using the new WiFi-network to their full satisfaction!

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