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Having recently launched an updated, coordinated Warehouse Management System, ASICS was also looking to replace the handheld terminals it had been using at its European warehouses. ASICS turned to Dalosy to research and provide the best solution for its needs.


Due to the WMS that had recently been updated, ASICS needed a new mobile device with the on-board software and processing power to run the new systems. ASICS was looking to adopt a future-proof, multipurpose mobile device working on an Android platform that would increase the efficiencies at its warehouses. A single device to manage all its warehouse tasks: a truly comprehensive upgrade.

Warehouse - ASICS


Dalosy gave ASICS three mobile devices to test. After various tests, it became clear that Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer was the device that could meet all ASICS’ needs. Dalosy organized a successful pilot phase at the warehouses. Together with ASICS we have translated the traditional green interface to an intuitive all-touch interface. The TC8000 are wirelessly connected to ASICS’ WMS via Velocity, so all warehouse activities can be logged real-time.

ASICS warehouse teams now use Zebra’s TC8000 for all warehouse stock processes, including goods inbound, stock movements, stock counts, replenishments, picking, goods outbound and returns processing. The users have been quick to adopt the new devices. Thanks to the clever, lightweight, ergonomic design and crossed laser feature of the TC8000 has saved the users up to an hour per shift, equating to a 10% uplift in productivity.

We selected Zebra’s TC8000s, as this single device meets all our requirements. Our warehouse teams love the ergonomic, lightweight design of the TC8000s; they offer the best mix of comfort and efficiency. The new solution is already delivering 10% uplift in productivity at our two European distribution centres.

Robin Bouwmeester, WMS-specialist at ASICS

The Android operating system and feature-rich TC8000 allows ASICS to explore a wider range of functions in the future; these may include voice picking, connecting to interactive warehouse glasses and using the camera for pictorial tracking.


To make sure the 300+ mobile devices – spread over three distribution centers – maintain in optimal condition, ASICS uses SOTI MobiControl Cloud (Mobile Device Management solution). With SOTI they can configure, update and manage the TC8000 remotely and out of warehouse working hours, to minimize device downtime. This saves time and ensures staff keep working efficiently.

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ASICS Europe BV is the European subsidiary of ASICS Corporation, the Japanese giant of running shoes. The ASICS name is an acronym of the Latin motto ‘anima sana in corpore sano’, which means ‘healthy soul in a healthy body’. Founded in 1949 by Kirachiro Onitsuka, ASICS produces sports footwear and sports equipment. However, it is best known for its impressive line-up of running shoes, including some of the most popular running shoes worldwide, from the cushioned Cumulus and Nimbus to the ultra-stable Kayano and GT series. ASICS has two European distribution centres – one in France and one in Germany – and has a long history of working with Zebra hardware at these sites.

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