Have an Enterprise app developed by Dalosy

Obtaining an Enterprise app from Dalosy will give you outstanding software for internal use or B2B purposes. Our experienced software team is specialized in the development of Enterprise applications for a large variety of industries. Currently, countless profit and non-profit businesses are happily using one of many Dalosy Enterprise apps in order to, for example, save costs, increase their efficiency, or to improve their internal business operations.

Dalosy Enterprise apps: the application software for the professional market

Dalosy has been able to set herself apart from competing Enterprise app developers due to the many years of experience she holds in the mobile devices industry. Since 1976, Dalosy Mobile Solutions has played a prominent role in the supply of handheld terminals. Not long after our launch in the industrial branch we also caught on with the development of software applications. Ever since then, we have been able to build a good reputation in many markets such as retail, logistics, and healthcare. We also frequently develop Enterprise applications for governmental institutions. Consider applications for the registration of security rounds.

Our Enterprise apps and compatibility

Our Enterprise apps are compatible with the operating systems of all Enterprise mobile devices. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your company works with different devices within the firm. The same goes for mobile phones at the workplace: our applications also work great on the operating systems of iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android! You can choose to run our apps on your own server, but this is not a prerequisite. It is also possible for the Enterprise apps to run through cloud-applications. In this case, you will not have to worry about your server when deploying the app.

Are you considering acquiring a standard Enterprise app from Dalosy, or would like to know more about the possibilities for custom software development? Please contact us for more information, free from any further commitment.

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