SINCE 1976

Dalosy was founded in 1976, around the same time that the barcode technology and the first mobile devices were introduced. Dalosy was the first company in the Netherlands that sold these handheld terminals to read barcodes.



Soon after the introduction of the first hardware for scanning and printing barcodes came the demand for software. The first applications of Dalosy were aimed at optimizing the ordering process on the shop floor. Later on, Dalosy also started developing software applications for other purposes.




In 2013 Dalosy decided to open an office in Belgium because of the increasing demand for our mobile solutions in Belgium. Dalosy bvba has grown rapidly since her opening.



Nowadays, Dalosy is specialized in providing complete mobile solutions including hardware, software, wireless and services. Our motto is: Take care of your customers. That is why we are always looking for the best solutions that meet the wishes of our customers perfectly. In case that solution does not exist, we offer a tailor-made solution.




At Dalosy, Corporate Social Responsibility is paramount. Doing business with Dalosy means doing business with a socially conscious organization that looks beyond her profits. Dalosy aims for sustainability on a larger scale, meaning sustainable relationships with all of our stakeholders. This includes our employees, customers, suppliers, but also the government, non-profit organizations, and our immediate surroundings. When making any company decision we try to consider the impact to people, planet and profit. Our CSR policy has been prepared according to the international guidelines of ISO 26000.


Our team

Dalosy works daily with an enthusiastic team on various projects.