6 tips for quiet or heydays

During this bizarre corona period, we see two extremes. Companies are either very quiet because all processes or a part of them are down, or they are very busy because of an exploding demand. The latter is the case in supermarkets, in the e-commerce and logistics and in hospitals. Although they are diametrically opposed, both scenario’s pose risks and opportunities. In this blog, we provide some useful tips for you to deal with this situation and prepare for other times.

Tips to make the most of quiet times or low season

Your mobile equipment is now used less, or evens stands still. You may not expect it, but this drawback comes with an advantage! How can you make the most of this quiet period?

We don’t know when, but there will come a time when the economy will restart. When the virus is under control and it is safe to work again. When that time comes, you need to be able to rely on your mobile devices and printers, which have been hardly used for weeks or even months but are important for the continuity of your business processes. They must be in optimal condition when you need them again. With these simple tips you can get back to work with confidence.

1. Mobile device and/or scanner

  • Inspect the housing. Do you see any cracks or dents? If so, realize that there may also be some internal damage.
  • Inspect the keyboard. Are all keys still legible? Are any keys missing?
  • Check the scan beam. Is the scan engine still working properly? Is the scan glass in good condition? If it’s damaged, the scanner cannot scan optimally.
  • Check if the latest software version is already running on the device. This is an ideal time to update your software.
  • Check whether all security updates have been installed, so that you start your processes safely
  • Check the batteries. Batteries are an underrated source of malfunction. Are they still working?
  • Also check the date of manufacture of the batteries. Is it older than 3 years: immediately replace it.
  • It is best to leave your mobile devices in the charger.

2. Cradles / home stations for handheld terminals and batteries

  • Use a cloth with contact spray to clean the contacts of the terminal.
  • Check if the power supply is not too hot
  • Check and organize the cables to and from the power supply
  • The area where the power supply is located is usually forgotten during cleaning. That area is also often difficult to reach. It gets extra warm here under a thick layer of dust. So, clean the area around the power supply with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Printers

  • Dust is also your printers’ worst enemy. Carefully dust the inside and outside
    of the printer with a vacuum cleaner.
  • The printhead and label-fuser are essential for a printer. You can clean them
    with an approved cleaning solution. Even better: let the service engineers of
    Dalosy do this. They check if the printer is still working properly, give it a
    thorough maintenance and prepare it for use.

4. Defective equipment, accessories, devices

You probably still have a corner with equipment and accessories that you intend to have it checked someday. Do it now. Now that it is less busy, you finally have the time to do it. At Dalosy, the repairs and service department is running at full speed. Have you purchased devices from Dalosy and are they defective? Report your repair and send it directly back to us so we can start with your repair.

Tips for peak periods

In some industries we see the opposite of tranquility. In healthcare and in distribution centers, for example, it is all hands on deck. We have two important tips for companies in these industries.

5. Extra hygiene measures when using mobile devices

We cannot say it often enough: work safely. Think about your own health and the health of your colleagues and their families. We recently published a blog about this with all kinds of useful tips, ranging from personal hygiene to taking care of your mobile devices. You can find the blog here.

6. Temporarily rent some extra mobile equipment

Are you short of equipment because it is busier than usual? Or do you want to make sure all employees have their own mobile device, for hygiene reasons?

Dalosy also rents out devices for shorter or longer period of time. We have mobile devices from Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic, Vocollect, Toshiba and more. From barcode scanners and label printers to handheld terminals and voice picking equipment. By carefully listening to your wishes and demands, we can provide the mobile devices that best suit your organization and your processes.

Dalosy also offers Enterprise Mobility Management which can be a great benefit for your organization. To begin with, you will receive the necessary additional equipment from us on demand. But the devices are also fully adapted and configured to your organization, so you can use the device directly after receiving it. No need to install anything. Dalosy takes care of all the maintenance, support and management. We monitor your systems, including rented equipment, and solve many problems before you even notice them. That is how we take care of our customers.

Do you have any doubts, questions or need some honest advice? We’d be happy to assist you.

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