In cooperation with Vocollect, the market leader in the field of Voice solutions, Dalosy offers voice equipment of the highest quality!

Vocollect offers voice solutions. But what exactly are voice solutions? Voice is a method used where speech acts as a communication channel between people and computer systems. Through the use of speech recognition, data given by the user is received by the system. The user can also receive spoken instructions from the system. Due to the fact that the eyes and hands of the worker are now free, the worker can perform his duties easily, safely, and with full concentration. Voice solutions ensure higher productivity in warehouses compared to warehouses where they are currently still using pen and paper, or even warehouses that make use of barcode scanners or handheld terminals. Voice optimizes order picking and other processes within the warehouse. Dalosy delivers voice solutions solely from Vocollect.

Why Vocollect?

Vocollect (part of Honeywell) has proven themselves in the voice solutions market and is a worldwide market leader. Vocollect has collected years of experience in operational environments and different industries and has hereby gained a broad range of knowledge and understanding of logistical processes. Vocollect has used this knowledge to create a solution that provides you with maximum efficiency. With Vocollect, 95% of tasks are transferred through voice and a scanning, which leads to:

  • Higher productivity
  • Less mistakes since the user can work more accurately
  • More comfort for the user
  • A safer work environment due to the fact that the user will work hands-free and eyes-free

The technology of voice solutions from Vocollect is also very easy to learn. This results in the training period for new employees to be reduced significantly.

Would you like to find out if the Voice solutions from Vocollect could be integrated into your organization?

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