As a passionate retailer you want to offer your customers the ultimate shop experience and the best customer service. That means: real-time data at your fingertips and supply chain optimization. We have years of experience in delivering mobile solutions for retail and offer several services to manage these mobile solutions. We take care of the essentials, so you can stay focused on your core business.


There are several mobile devices for Retail that look like smartphones but are rugged and withstand a collision – perfect for the store floor. These devices can also be used for mobile payments to create maximum flexibility. The Zebra MC40 is very popular among retailers.

In addition, more and more retailers choose to purchase a kiosk to offer their customers the possibility of self-service. Besides providing product information, it can be used to easily interact with customers and increase the customer experience.

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Dalosy is specialized in installing and managing wireless networks: the essential basis of all mobile solutions in retail. Wireless connectivity on the store floor makes it possible for employees to access real-time information and thereby inform the customers with actual product and price information.

You can also create hotspots in your store where customers can access free WiFi for a better customer experience. Customers already expect to have free access to internet anytime and anywhere.

There are several possibilities to obtain valuable marketing information from your wireless network too.

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Dalosy develops many applications for employees to optimize processes in Retail such as replenischment, price control, printing shelf labels, inventory and improve customer experience. Whatever application you need, Dalosy is the right partner for you!

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After the choice of hardware and application has been made, it’s time to start the management. With our Managed Services your mobile devices and wireless networks are being monitored to ensure the continuity of your store.

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